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Our unique strength is…

We provide comprehensive facilitation of the internal change agent being and becoming transformed. This occurs in the context of transforming an entire system to sustain a positive change journey of increasing excellence.

Developed by Roland Sullivan, MSOD, RODC, in the 1970’s, the Whole System Transformation (WST) Method shifts the current systems to bring about “WOW” or quantum leap excellence. Typically bottom-line performance is enhanced through uncovering and realizing combined yearnings, hopes, aspirations and results. ‘Wholeness’ in a system is achieved when interdependent parts form an effective unified whole. 
The WST journey is a dynamic, wholistic process designed to help leaders engage a critical mass of the organization to reinvent themselves by creating a future of aligned and committed people who support and execute visions.  read more…

Why do clients call STA?

Sullivan Transformation Agents help create vision and plans that build synergy, energy, and transformational results. We share our successful methods so that employees on the inside can sustain the transformation after we leave.     more…


If you need a conversation that will turn things around and improve your short and long-term results, Sullivan Transformation Agents are prepared to help you.  
STA’s Whole-System Transformation™ uses methods that create new relationships in large groups, which are far more cost-effective and results-driven than traditional small-group methods.

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Success Stories

In the late 60s, Roland created in collaboration with Albert Orsello an organization so that he could start his consulting practices utilizing what he was learning at National Training Labs-the birth place of OD. The company was called Person Education Development Education. The focus was to utilize Organization Development in helping youth.

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Over 1000 Clients SERVED

  • Prevention Partners in Chicago (44-year client focused on youth development and health-A national model in the USA. The first draft of the STA OD model was created for this effort in 1968)
  • European Aeronautic  Defence and Space Company (EADS)

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